HIVERS ~冬~ ジュヌヴィエーヴ・カストレイ コミック原画展


HIVERS ~冬~ ジュヌヴィエーヴ・カストレイ コミック原画展
目白・ブックギャラリー ポポタム(03-5952-0114)


Hivers means "winters". Where I am from the winters are dramatic. Snow and ice cover the ground and on a clear day your nose feels frozen and you squint your eyes because the sun and the white together make so much light. When snow falls the air is warmer and at night it really feels like a blanket putting houses to sleep. When I was a kid, I struggled through the Montreal winters. I would wait for the school bus with  tears in my eyes because I couldn't feel my toes anymore. Now that I live so far away from authentic Canadian winter cold, on the temperate West Coast, I miss my childhood winters more than ever. Winters are a good place and time to start over. A new piece of paper.