わすれろ草 - みみくりげ

タイトル:みみくりげ(Mimikurige) *特典ソノシートの配付は終了しました。


川下に向かって 茶畑を越えて ビニルハウス越えて 防砂林越えて 灯台に向かって 国道を越えて レンガ造り越えて 海岸を越えて 蜃気楼に向かって 魚の群れ越えて イルカ雲を越えて 光のピアノ弾いて (「レム王子、旅に出る」より)

さて、いくつもの景色を越えたその先にひそひそと車座で微笑む4人組──ゑでぃまぁこんのゑでゐ鼓雨磨と柔流まぁこん、そしてTEASIの松井一平とアキツユコ──がたたずんでいました。この2組のカップルが手をつなぎ見た夢、それがわすれろ草です。これまで大阪と東京のライブを収録したCD-R『BABY WORKS』(自主制作)だけが唯一のよりどころだった彼らの、最初のフル・アルバムがようやく完成しました。




'Wasurerogusa' = What you can make into fantasy:  A new group featuring Eddie Marcon, Ippei Matsui (TEASI) and Aki Tsuyuko.

"Walking downstream, crossing tea fields, going through a house made of vinyl, past a beachfront line of wind-breaking pine trees, toward a lighthouse, over a national highway, around a brick building, down the shoreline, into the mirage, through a school of fish, around a dolphin-shaped cloud, and play on a piano made of light." (from 'Prince Rem, Starting on a Journey')

After traversing many landscapes, you come upon a merry-making circle of four folks. Two of them, Eddie Corman and Jules Marcon, are part of the musical unit known as 'Eddie Marcon'. They are accompanied by TEASI's Ippei Matsui and Aki Tsuyuko. Joining hands, the two couples have the same miraculous dream - 'Wasrerogusa'. Though the four members previously put out the (self-released) 'Baby Works' CDR, which contained live recordings from shows in Tokyo and Osaka, 'Mimikurige' is their first proper full album.

Perhaps a play on Ikku Jippensha's Edo-period classic titled 'Tokaidochu Hizakurige' (Traveling Tokaido on Foot'), 'Mimikurige' can be taken to mean 'Traveling by Ear'. After listening to the album, everyone seems to interpret the nine tracks differently. While some call it 'fantasy music', others feel it is more like a children's story. A few people have even labeled the album 'psychedelic' and 'unreal'.

From a single melody, others are born. The new sounds support each other and cuddle up. Through repeated listening, new journeys take us to new destinations. This fantastic window into a dream could have only been created by this foursome. The music reminds me of renowned author Ursula K. Le Guin, who once said something like:

"Instead of the fruits of idle spirits, which are set on obligatory and recycled themes, I love encountering works of fantasy that have been created by a true imagination - ones that are based on our society and culture. When discovering such works, I always want to go out and set off fireworks."

After listening to the music of Wasurerogusa, a scene comes to my mind - the grand finale of a fireworks show in the cold winter sky. So look up into the heavens, pull up the collar on your coat, and take a trip with Mimikurige - an album born from "true imagination".

1. おいえ(2:52)
2. 秋のつばめ(4:25)
3. 縷縷(5:55)
4. 旅鳥(5:17)
5. 星のえくぼ(5:49)
6. 転寝セラピー(4:09)
7. レム王子、旅に出る(4:47)
8. 燃える船灯(5:23)
9. 光の池(2:50)

わすれろ草(Wasurerogusa)-レム王子、旅に出る by Sweet Dreams Press