Donna Dresch house was broken into...

81 brown wood tone Gibson SG with the word "alien" in blue sticker letters. (the guitar I learned to play on and used in every band i've been in since)

70's or 80's white Gibson SG with a metal crown emblem screwed into the face of it

crappy sunburst finish acoustic guitar. (for my emo hippie side.)

gateway laptop with xp cs4 office 2007 etc

dell laptop with vista and world of warcraft (ha!)

3 palm treo 650 phones for att/cingular (i was fixing them to sell!)

1 palm treo 750 running windows mobile

1 red palm centro for sprint

black bike messenger bag full of things of beccas including wallet

maroon backpack with all my crap in it. reciepts tampons phone charger schoolwork.